National Network of Youth Centers is established in 2016 as an informal association of the Youth Centers in Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Vratsa and Dobrich. In 2021 it is joined by the Youth Centers in Pernik, Burgas, Montana and Gabrovo, newly formed under the Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups Program.

Визия: Vision: National Network of Youth Centers develops as a modern and sustainable network of youth centers operating under a single quality standard, providing conditions for the youth society development and working for the youth sector benefit. National Network of Youth Centers works to promote the importance, significance and contribution of youth work in strengthening the economic and social cohesion, local development and poverty reduction in Bulgaria. The Network, through planned and coordinated activities, works to develop a youth work uniform standard 

Мисия: Mission: National Network of Youth Centers mission is to guarantee the sustainable development of the youth sector and its members’ quality standard by implementation of the Network strategic objectives aimed at enhancing and exploiting the young people’s potential and capacity that represents a significant social capital in society development..

Strategic objectives/Priorities:  

  • ● To represent and protect youth centers interests;
  • To be an initiator and participant in the structured dialogue on youth with any representative authority;
  • To unite, represent and protect its members interests before Bulgarian and foreign authorities and organizations;
  • To participate in the development of strategies, analyses and youth policies development programs;
  • To assist the state institutions in the development and change of the regulatory framework concerning youth activities in the country;
  • To expand the Youth Centers scope of activity; 
  • To participate in youth policies development at national level and of the youth work uniform standard;
  • To increase the opportunities for the young people active civic participation at national level; 
  • To improve work quality and competences of youth workers, Roma mediators and other staff of the Center by provision of training, experience exchange and good practices; 
  • To promote the position “Youth worker” and to increase public confidence in the profession;
  • To cooperate with Bulgarian and foreign organizations working in the field of youth activities and policies with the aim to exchange experience in the field of education, culture, sports, etc.; 
  • To create conditions for the realization and spread of young people’s goals and ideas.

Members of the National Network of Youth Centers strive to achieve the strategic priorities and objectives by research and development of policies in the field of youth activities and realization of initiatives aimed at helping young people, especially those from vulnerable groups, to develop their qualities and skills.