International Youth Center, Stara Zagora is a structural unit of the Stara Zagora Municipality


Monika Todorova - Manager of the Center

СЕ certified Mediator

Monika has been a part of the IYC since 2014 and is a certified mediator by the Council of Europe. Master’s degree in Occupational Safety, Disasters and Accidents Response and Environmental Risk

Neli Mineva–Youth worker

Master’s degree in Economics

Neli has been a part of the IYC since 2014 and is a certified youth worker by the Council of Europe. Her interests are aimed at work with children and young people from vulnerable groups, as well as at development of non-formal educational training program.

Нели Минева

Krasimir Krasimirov - Educational Mediator
Bachelor Finance

Part of the MMC team since 2024.
Financial consultant with an interest in working with youth from vulnerable groups, as well as developing training programs through non-formal education for youth in the field of Financial Literacy.
Hobbies - Board Games, Football, Table Tennis

Zdravko Dimitrov
Master of Pedagogy with a specialty in pedagogical counselling.

He has been working with the team and the young people at the IYC since 2014 and has been appointed as part of the team since 2022.
His professional internships are in the field of pedagogical counseling, development of training programs, working with youth towards realizing their potential and well-being, working with children and youth from vulnerable groups.
Hobbies - literature, music, sports.

Zdravko Tenev-Psychologist

Master’s degree in Applied Psychology

Member of the Youth Center since 2015. Interests in individual and group counseling of children and young people at risk. Head of the psychological hotline counseling to Stara Zagora Municipality. Registered as a trainer in the Information Register of Training Programs for Pedagogical Specialists Qualification Enhancement at the Ministry of Education and Science

Milka Koldamova-Youth worker

Милка Колдамова

Milka is an active volunteer and defender of socially significant causes. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics, specialist translator in Russian and Greek. Member of the IYC team since 2021.


Nadezhda Chakarova-Project Manager

Deputy Mayor ‘Education, Health Care and Social Activities’, Stara Zagora Municipality

She holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. She has been working in the professional field for over 20 years.

In 2017, by decision of the Stara Zagora Municipal Council, she is elected as a public mediator in the Stara Zagora Municipality. In 2021 she has been re-elected for another 4 years.

Georgi Simeonov-Project Coordinator

Георги Симеонов
Director Investments and European Programs Directorate, Stara Zagora Municipality

Georgi Simeonov has a solid experience in projects preparation and implementation. His spare time is dedicated to causes beneficial to the community.

Mariyana Perchemlieva -Technical Assistant

Petar Velichkov-Accountant